Unique Pioneers

Nebula consists of a collection of 10 000 randomly generated and completely unique Pioneers. They are inspired by and represent our lust and unwavering curiosity for the unknown marvels of the Universe. With 290+ traits we have ensured that each Nebula NFT has its own unique feel, separate from the rest and increases the value of the entire collection. There are 11 different types of Pioneers each with their own rarity, unique story and functions aboard the Nebula-1 mission.

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About us

Nebula, the one of kind NFT collection drawing inspiration from what lies above and beyond us. It is space that inspires us, the endless depth, the unknown and the adventure of one day being able to traverse the universe. For now, we are locked into the metaverse, as it opens up into the world we exist in, we take every step in excitement.

Art is beautiful, intriguing and timeless, our first collection of NFTs highlight the very story of time and space we exist in, the past, the present, the future.

Minting the first collection of Nebula is not just a purchase into a digital artwork but your investment in the future of the NFT world as we know, with our roadmap looking to build the entire ecosystem and giving you as holders of our artwork first access to everything to come.


20% Sold

A raffle for a 1 ETH giveaway to a Neb-1 Pass. Once all first passes have been minted, which is 2000/10000, we will provide all those in the Discord server an insight into unlocking Pandora’s box. Neb-1 Pass also get voting rights on future projects - this will be explained in detail at future space briefings on our Discord server.

50% Sold

We launch the concept of NebuLabs to the community, in extreme detail. NebuCollect Wallet is created and 20 ETH is added so that we can start buying community artworks. Our collectors wallet will only accumulate and we will replenish it as we continue creating new collections and never sell any pieces.

75% Sold

Community wallet filled with 30 ETH that will help us for future marketing exposure. We are going to begin the preparation for 2 000 caps and 2 000 t-shirts for all Neb-1 Pass.

100% Sold

The launch of NebuLabs, and the investment of 50 ETH is activated and the talent pool search begins. Rarity Listing with Ranking to be completed. RaritySniper for trait service to be completed. We enter the preparation phase of the first free airdrop for all holders. It will be a unique piece, sight and sound, arriving sooner than you think. Hint: Make a wish? ;)


Our team


Mission Specialist

The Mastermind, without the evil, who has come to space to ensure our journey into the stars is safe but yet fun. A man with a desire and a passion to do what is right and fair. With a background in a managerial position, as well as a very deep crypto portfolio, he is the correct one to lead us towards the future.


Operations Commander

Passionate about travelling and exploring, with a background in finance and marketing, he seeks to benefit and prioritize artists and creators in the digital ecosystem. When he isn't geeking out on theories and laws around our universe you can find him somewhere in the world HODLing his favourite cryptos and ensuring all the daily operations of the Nebula mission are running smoothly.



Organised, ambitious and genuine, only a few attributes which describe our Flight Engineer. He ensures and monitors that all projects and collaborations fall in right standing to be beneficial to the community. He is also responsible for entertaining the community with all his silly dad jokes. He believes that Engagement and Community go together like stars and planets.


Space Commander

A naturally born wanderer, who has journeyed through marketing at various mainstream brands and is now bringing excitement and banter to the NFT space. A combination of business knowledge and a quick sense of humour, helps him adapt to different situations effortlessly and allows him to "win the room". He is also the creator of our memes, so share your memes with him!



Keen interests in gaming, coding and people, our rocket scientist produces the perfect formula for engagement and explosion in the community, consistently thrusting new ideas and driving discussions in the Discord, you can catch him in the channels and online games.


PAYLOAD Commander

Coder and Blockchain Enthusiast, he is one who loves dissecting an idea and making the best of the formula. From now until forever, he is sold out for the future of digital.


Some of your Frequently Asked Questions

"We are Nebula and we are ready to tell you the story, in part one, the universe remains to be discovered, we need those who are brave to venture out into the unknown and those with the intuition to be the guidance. Our Pioneers and Astrologers, they are the very first to venture out and seek out the answers to the questions that have been passed through generations. For thousands of years the pioneers were intrigued by what awaited beyond. Their overwhelming curiosity to seek the truth to the unanswered questions of the universe encouraged their innovation in technology and led them to the stars. What gave us life? Are we an embodiment of the universe becoming aware of itself? Are there others like us? These are the type of questions they sought to answer. However their advanced means of travel and lust for knowledge proved worthless without any guidance on where to look. That was until the Astrologers were born. As if ironically given by the Universe itself, a handful of powerfully gifted individuals were born with an unexplainable connection to the Universe, its laws and an unknown presence that could have all the answers the Pioneers seek."

You will need a MetaMask wallet in order to connect to our smart contract and mint your Nebula. Alternatively, you will be able to mint via the smart contract. MetaMask can be downloaded from the following link.

Ensure you have your Metamask Wallet set up and filled with enough ETH to cover mint price plus gas fees. Connect your wallet to our site by clicking ‘Connect Wallet’, accept the notification on your wallet and hit mint once the minting period has been opened.

0.07 ETH + plus gas

We are going to list to OpenSea. The listing will start from the first NFT being minted, and reveal takes place 24 hours after the final piece has been minted.

Rarity listing - once the collection is sold out, we will ensure the listing with rankings is complete. Each collection to come will be listed.

RaritySniper - additionally, once the collection is sold out, RaritySniper will be activated for the first and all future collections.

Future Plans

Neb-X™ - #OwnTheBlock™ - Invest, Collect and Engage


We are looking at the viability of working with blockchain game developers in order to have our art or the art created by the artists we invest in, have utility in future gaming and entertainment applications.


We want to get to a point where we can build a platform for artists. We have seen what is possible but we want to go further - we want all those who follow and love Nebula to be a part of this step. Your insights and contributions will be invaluable.

Artists all around the world will benefit as the number one priority here.


We started with a team of 5, but the work is going to get massive as the digital economy expands and even more so, when we talk about digital, we will be able to hire all sorts of functions around the world that will enable us to build the digital economy.


A part of our social responsibility is to grow education and awareness. We are going to make a concerted effort in ensuring the educational aspects of blockchain learning are enhanced in society. We want to develop understanding and comprehension of how the blockchain is changing the world we live in. The objectives we seek to accomplish will be shared with the community.


We understand that the very nature of the NFT space does not end with beautiful artwork and collectibles but the utility goes further and beyond, for us to explore it. We are teaming up with talented and gifted authors around the world to allow their writing to flow far and wide, their concepts and expressions to be captured within a token, as well as their work protected, credited and scribed into the blockchain forever.


We understand that the very nature of the NFT space does not end with beautiful artwork and collectibles but the utility goes further and beyond, for us to explore it. We are teaming up with talented and gifted musicians around the world to allow their music to flow far and wide, their concepts and expressions captured within a token, their work protected, credited and scribed into the blockchain forever. 80% of royalties to the musician.


One of our main goals is to integrate Nebula into the Metaverse. NFTs will be a gateway into this emerging digital space and we are fully committed to ensuring our holders have a part in this new world. Following the launch of Nebula we plan to use our community funds which we have set aside to build our space in the Metaverse and ensure all our holders who supported us for the first drop receive benefits along the way.


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